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Ecotality “Blink” Network Sold to Car Charging Group

Thursday, October 17, 2013

What This Change of Ownership Means for Oregon




Ecotality Inc, the maker of Blink electric-vehicle-charging stations, recently declared bankruptcy.  The Blink charging station network in Oregon is substantial, including about 450 public level 2 charging stations (about 75% of Oregon’s network) and 15 DC Fast Charge locations (about 25% of Oregon’s network.) The charging network was recently purchased by the Car Charging Group.  On a recent call with investors, Car Charging Group CEO Michael Farkas stated that the firm would honor and service all Blink chargers (in-home and public) and would honor all Ecotality commitments to install level two chargers. 


Drive Oregon is a member of the Electric Drive Transportation Association (EDTA)

Drive Oregon has been convening stakeholders over the past weeks to track the bankruptcy process and develop a coordinated response.  We have also invited Mr. Farkas and his team to visit Oregon at their earliest convenience, and have offered to help organize a series of stakeholder meetings here.

Some Blink competitors have already begun to approach site hosts with discount offers and we expect to see a flurry of information and offers in the months ahead. If you host a Blink station, we encourage you to carefully review your rights under your host agreement – and to note the expiration date (often December 31, 2013, but some expired sooner.) If your charger is working, there is no need to take action yet; if it is not working, we encourage you to report that fact immediately under the terms of your site host agreement. Mr. Farkas also invited anyone with issues associated with non-working charging stations, to email him directly at

We will continue to monitor this fast-changing situation and to keep you updated. If you have other questions, or would like to discuss the situation further, feel free to contact Zach Henkin at Drive Oregon at


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