Promoting electric drive technologies and infrastructure

Policy action plan

Driving forward:

an action plan for the electric drive era

Electric drive vehicles – hybrid, pure battery electric, plug-in hybrid and fuel cell vehicles - are essential in leading the U.S. to greater energy, environmental and economic security. The U.S. is spending $200 billion on imported foreign oil annually. As an alternative to oil, we can fuel our vehicles with electricity, which is domestically produced and reliable.

Building the electric drive fleet in the U.S. paves the way for economic growth and for the country to build a competitive edge in the global race for advanced energy technologies. Our goals for clean transportation and a healthier environment can also be reached with electric drive.


As the collective voice of the electric drive industry, we have identified the critical next-step policies that will build on our success and help the U.S. move beyond oil dependence and lead the Electric Drive Era:

- Reduce market hurdles to speed deployment of electric drive vehicles

- Educate consumers, communities and stakeholders

- Ensure U.S. leadership in electric drive manufacturing

- Standardize regulatory policies for electric drive vehicles and infrastructure

- Accelerate technology breakthroughs

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Member Testimonial

 EDTA’s advocacy activities for the adoption of electric vehicles are truly impacting the industry as a whole.
-Roland E. Lartigue,
Manager eMobility Infrastructure,
Siemens Energy, Inc.


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